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Monster Mag is a zine for any role players, DMs or monster fanatics who want inspiration for their own stories or worlds. It’s also for anyone who just wants to look at some rad art. 

Each issue of Monster Mag will contain 5 different monsters, each with a full page illustration and a backstory, ready to be incorporated into any role playing world. 

Additionally, each issue will include a one page illustration from another illustrator.

You can follow me on instagram @jixashauser for more illustrations and news


Monster Mag Issue No.1.pdf 12 MB


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Looks amazing! Might want to do some spellchecks here and there, I saw some typos, but otherwise it's a fun little bit of inspiration! I'd love to see further issues of this.


Oh no, I was sure I caught them all. Thanks, Im glad you enjoyed it!

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Fun and light, and an enjoyable first zine. Thanks for sharing the arts!

Two tiny nitpicks, if I may. Find a lighter Blackletter or have them in the capitals, for legibility. Maybe opt for page numbers instead of a numbered list in "In this issue".

Maybe maybe also give a final section which allows for fanart/interpretation of monsters of previous issues, if people send any. Otherwise keep it up, looking forward to regular issues :)

Glad you enjoyed it. Those are all valid points I’ll take them into consideration for the next issue :)

looks interesting, excited to read

Hope you enjoy it :)